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At Fairway, people are at the heart of what we do.

Through our nonprofit organizations, Fairway Cares and American Warrior Initiative (AWI), we are able to bring comfort, hope and support to people within the Fairway community and beyond. Each year both nonprofit organizations are able to grow and impact more lives through the generous contributions of Fairway employees.

“Fairway serves our community beyond just loans. We find a need and fill it. If it helps one person, it’s worth it.”
Steve Jacobson, Founder and CEO

Fairway Mortgage Helps Storm Victim

Nicole Richert is a Fairway Mortgage loan officer whose house was destroyed by a tree during a huge storm in Houston in May of 2024. After learning she had made a mistake and had inadvertently let her insurance lapse, Nicole had no idea where to turn. Then her employer Fairway heard about her plight...

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American Warrior Initiative (AWI) is a nonprofit organization backed by Fairway whose mission is to educate, encourage and inspire Americans to give back to our military. A key part of the AWI initiative is the education platform for real estate agents and mortgage professionals. Over the years, AWI has donated thousands of dollars, numerous service dogs and provided support for those in need.
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Fairway Cares is the charitable arm of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. For over 20 years, Fairway and its over nationwide network of employees have demonstrated a deep care for the communities and people they work with and serve. Through employee referrals, Fairway Cares provides the comfort of a care package or the support of financial assistance.