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Homeownership Even with Bad Credit

Homeownership even with bad credit can sometimes feel impossible. At Fairway we can make the American Dream of homeownership possible for anyone.

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Melissa and Chris

Homeownership even with bad credit can sometimes feel impossible. Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation can make the American Dream of homeownership possible for anyone, even those with credit issues. Melissa and Chris thought they had to put their plans of opening an animal rescue out of their home on hold because of their financial situation, but with Fairway’s help, the couple was able to resolve their bad credit issues and move forward with their dream.

When the couple decided to buy a house after years of renting, they expected that credit and past medical billing issues would delay their dream of homeownership. Melissa and Chris said that their first go-around shopping for a mortgage was both harsh and embarrassing and they were turned down cold. The experience revealed what they’d anticipated: that the couple was not quite ready yet for homeownership due to bad credit.

Melissa and Chris thought they would have to defer their dream for at least a decade to build up the kind of savings and credit they were led to believe was needed in order to buy a home. It wasn’t until her real estate agent put them in touch with Fairway that the couple realized that the path to homeownership was actually within sight, even with bad credit.

Mortgage Success Even with Bad Credit

Fairway helped Melissa and Chris find a solution and delivered them a practical path to almost immediately become eligible for an FHA loan.

Fairway mortgage loan officers were able to look at their documents and then recommend several steps that would improve their credit score. Melissa and Chris, with the help of Fairway, plotted a road map to where they needed to be with their credit and savings, and in a matter of a month reached a place where they could qualify for a mortgage and realize their dream of buying a home, where they could start their animal rescue shelter.

Homeownership even with bad credit can sometimes run into hurdles when it comes to mortgages because lenders don’t always understand or aren’t always able to provide the extra effort required when you have someone who needs that help with their credit. And while it can sometimes take a little bit longer than a traditional client, Fairway has the ability to make these things happen.

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