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How Difficult Mortgages Get Done

How difficult mortgages get done is important to borrowers. This Fairway Story shows how a mortgage loan officer was able to help out a scared homebuyer.

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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation understands how difficult mortgages get done. Not every mortgage is an easy process, but going the extra mile can often get the job done. Married mother of two Camila Rosa was looking for a larger home as her family expanded. What first looked to be a straightforward loan process turned into an incredibly challenging, stressful and difficult mortgage situation, until Fairway stepped in to help.

When she was pregnant with her second child, Camila and her husband sold their starter home and began the search for their new family house. The couple secured mortgage financing before they put in an offer on their dream home. It was all looking as if it would come together before the birth of their second child until the financing process suddenly stopped over a technicality regarding Camila’s immigration status.

Sometimes mortgages can be difficult. As a DACA recipient, Camila is required to have a valid worker’s permit in order to work and have a life here in the United States. Every two years DACA recipients are required to renew their worker’s permit. Camila began the renewal process months before the deadline but had not yet received approval because of delays from the government agency side. Because of this, her mortgage lender would not close the loan. Difficult mortgages can be frustrating situations for loan officers and homebuyers.

“We needed a home, we needed a home yesterday,” Camila said. “There was nothing I could do and I felt hopeless. Everybody needed to move forward, but we were all stuck because of that one thing.”

The Mortgage Solution

Everything was on hold but the baby was on its way. It was while Camila was at the hospital after giving birth that she got the call from her real estate agent that would change their fate. Her real estate agent put her in contact with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation loan officer Michael Dunsky who specializes in difficult mortgages.

“Within a couple of days of me leaving the hospital, we were able to send the paperwork to Fairway, and they did it, they were ready to give us a mortgage, a finalized loan in two weeks, which is an incredible time.,” Camila said.

Her permit status wasn’t an issue because Dunsky explained because all the paperwork was in order -- bank statements, documents, you name it -- and Camila had been approved several times previously for her work permit. There was no doubt she was going to get the visa, and therefore, Fairway was willing to approve her mortgage loan.

Even though Camila’s mortgage loan process was a difficult one to navigate, for Camila the American dream she’d worked for became a reality thanks to the help Fairway offered. Difficult mortgages are a reality in this business. However, when all other doors closed because of a technicality, Fairway was able to work with them and now the family is enjoying some much-needed extra space for their growing family in a beautiful new home.

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