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No Two Home Loan Mortgages Are Alike

No two home loan mortgages are alike. Fairway mortgage loan officers are dedicated to servicing client needs and situations when it comes to homebuying.

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Fairway Independent Mortgage understands that no two home loan mortgages are alike. Buying a home is one of the most important purchases a borrower will face. In search of a new beginning, Alyssa and Brendan made a move from the East Coast to the Northwest, but their hope-filled adventure soon turned to angst as the couple, along with their toddler and two border collies in tow, couldn’t secure financing for a mortgage on a new home.

Every home loan mortgage can present challenges. The challenge borrowers Alyssa and Brendan encountered with lenders was explaining the gaps of employment in Alyssa’s work history - the lenders wanted work history consistency that she was unable to provide. “Every lender we were talking to was very by the books. Here are the numbers. We can't finagle those numbers.” Brendan said. “There was no will to understand that this is an extenuating circumstance.”

It didn’t matter that the couple could explain the gaps in employment and that there was a rational explanation for how the couple overcame those hurdles. None of the lenders seemed to care about that when it came to securing home loan mortgages.

The couple says they also ran into a problem of mortgage lenders pushing them towards products they knew they couldn't afford. When they did find a lender that provided pre-approvals, it was only for a fraction of the lending amount they needed to accommodate the type of housing their larger and growing family required.

The couple almost threw in the towel but in a last-ditch effort, at the recommendation of their realtor, they contacted Amit Baruch of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.

Mortgage Loan Officer With Solutions

Alyssa says Fairway’s mortgage loan officer, Amit immediately brought humanity back into the home buying process.

“He was genuinely interested in not what the numbers were but in explaining why the gap in employment existed and together we figured out how to navigate the process,” she says.

Fairway Independent Mortgage loan officer Amit Baruch knew that no two home loan mortgages are alike. He gave the couple a useful roadmap on how to manage their debt from credit card to student loans and how to explain the employment gaps to the underwriter. The bottom line is that he never left them wondering, and provided the couple a clear picture of what to do and when to do it, so they could secure their mortgage for a home.

“My gaps of employment, it was a huge issue with every mortgage lender,” says Alyssa. “But what loan officer Amit and his team at Fairway did was they walked me through the whole mortgage home loan process of how we were going to fix these issues.” Fairway’s mortgage loan officer provided solutions. “I gave them a roadmap on what my employment had been for the last three years. We walked through what the gaps were. And every time there was a gap, no matter how small it was, we explained what it was.”

No two home loan mortgages are alike. Securing financing was a jigsaw puzzle Fairway Independent Mortgage and loan officer Amit helped the couple put together. All the work paid off and Alyssa and Brendan found their dream home that they, with the help of Amit and Fairway, were able to close on within 30 days.

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