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Spreading the #FairwayJoy

May 1, 2016
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Spreading the #FairwayJoy

It's no secret... At Fairway, we have a lot of JOY. To celebrate and continue to cultivate Fairway’s joyfulness, #FairwayJOY was introduced in May 2016 with the adoption of #FairwayJOY Week—an annual week that will be held every year in May that focuses on Fairway’s outreach and sharing of joy. #FairwayJOY initiates the act of spreading JOY to others as a way of sharing the happiness that fills the hearts of all Fairway employees.

Acts are continuously shared during #FairwayJOY Week and beyond via social media using the hashtag #FairwayJOY.

A Recap of the First Annual #FairwayJOY Week l May 2 - 6, 2016

Countless emails and social posts were shared by Fairway employees—demonstrating all of the amazing acts being performed around the entire country. Gathered below are some of the highlighted activities that our employees completed. We hope these acts will inspire you to spread JOY all year round!​

  • Fairway employees have funded a complete Disney dream vacation for a young boy named Conner, who is currently undergoing cancer treatments at the mere age of 5 years old. Enough money has been donated to send his whole family, and Disney is currently working with Fairway team members to make this trip as memorable as possible for him! ​
  • HR and Training employees at the Madison Corporate Office put together "goody bags" to be given to 100 children at the local alternative school.  
  • Two members of the Delaware Branch partnered with Meals on Wheels to those meals to those in need.  
  • Beautiful tulips and a present were gifted to a Fairway employee! She posted the thanks and picture on Twitter.
  • A Fairway HR team member received their favorite candy and a note on their desk--"Pure #FairwayJOY to work with you!"
  • A member of the HR Generalist Team snapped a picture of Barista Britt at her local Starbucks in Carrollton, TX holding a #FairwayJOY Card!

To keep up with acts of JOY, type in #FairwayJOY in the search option of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Keeping Spreading the JOY

We invite anyone (within Fairway or outside of Fairway) to keep the JOY alive! Post your JOY Facebook and Instagram using #FairwayJOY or send us your JOY activities by emailing the #FairwayJOY Team at!